Toll fee

Car, truck, bus & caravan

Since the summer of 2017 and the redesign of the Glocknerwinkel car park, there have been some changes for our visitors: The toll is now collected by purchasing a ticket.

Automatic pay stations are installed at the entrance, in the car park and at the toll station itself, where the fee due can be paid.

Annual passes are available at the municipal office from Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 12:00 and can also be sent by post for a fee of € 2.00 within Austria.



  • Vehicle up to 9 persons:

    - up to three hours: € 5,–
    - up to six hours: € 8,–
    - up to 24 hours: € 12,–
    - more than 24 hours: € 15,–
    - In-and-out ticket for seven days: € 18,–
    - In-and-out ticket for 14 days: € 22,–

  • Bus up to 30 seats:

    (also applies to motorhomes from 2.40 m height, as well as vans)

    - up to 8 hours: € 10,–
    - more than 8 hours: € 30,–

  • Bus with more than 30 seats:

    € 60,-

  • Annual ticket for cars:

    € 45,- + one-time-fee of € 12,- for transmitter (transmitter can be re-used every year)

And here is how it works:


Pull a ticket at the toll booth when you arrive.

(The toll station is located ca. 5 km after entering the Kalser Glocknerstrasse)


Validate your ticket at the ticket machines in the car park or at the toll station before your return journey.

Your ticket is valid 30 minutes after validation.

For overnight guests of the neighbouring businesses (only cars up to 2.4 m) we offer up/down tickets. This allows you to drive up and down for 7 or 14 days. Just take a ticket when you drive up, then select the "7/14 day ticket" option at the ticket machine and pay.

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